"My father donated his brain to the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center at McLean Hospital. We feel privileged that his tissue will inform hundreds of groundbreaking brain research studies. The entire process was dignified and respectful, during such a difficult time for the family. We are so grateful for his contribution to furthering the understanding of brain diseases and disorders."

“Thank you 🙏 for what you do. It is because of you and your team that we get closer to finding cures for all these disorders/diseases.

I don't always share my family struggle but thought it would be appropriate to share today. Everyone struggles with something, everyone goes through something; We all have to overcome and adapt to conquer. Just because you know someone doesn’t mean you know someone. People who you might think are ok might be struggling with something unimaginable.

Try to be kind to each other Every Day.

Impact Someone, Inspire Someone, Empower Someone,

Every Day!

Because some days you might need them to do it for you.

You and your team are making strides to change the world and every interaction is a positive stride to make the world a better place.


Be Safe and God Bless”



A brain that had the ailment I now suffer
was on display—preserved within a jar,
given with the hope that it would offer
help in understanding what is far
from being understood: the brain’s role in
the ailment they experienced, like me,
crossing now the turf where they had been.
Their gift may help us find a remedy.
I held the brain that once held so much woe,
of someone who, like me, could only guess
where their afflicted consciousness would go,
to other realms or maybe nothingness.
I thank them, and, whatever their belief,
I hope they went to bliss—not just relief.

McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate

Basic Neuroscience at McLean Hospital

Harvard Medical School Affiliate