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The Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center is a centralized resource for the collection and distribution of postmortem human brain specimens for research on brain disorders. Currently, the HBTRC collects tissue from individuals with various neurological and psychiatric disorders, as well as normal controls. The tissue is provided, at no charge, to the nation's neuroscience investigators. Research performed using these samples has played a critical role in increasing our understanding of how the nervous system functions in both health and disease. This important work could not be accomplished without the assistance of pathologists across the country.

Currently, there is a growing need for tissue from individuals diagnosed with psychiatric and neurological disorders, and from non-affects subjects. Pathologists are urged to encourage families to donate. A neuropathology report will be provided to both the family and the pathologist (upon authorization by the legal next of kin).

The HBTRC’s specific requirements regarding to the process of body refrigeration, brain removal, packaging and shipment. Detailed instructions will be provided by the HBTRC as needed.

Acceptable Diagnoses

Normal Controls (no brain disorders)

Psychiatric Disorders

Neurological Disorders

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Special Collections

Modified:  17-Jun-2016