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For brains donated to our NIH-supported public domain collection, a diagnostic neuropathological report will be sent to the family and pathologist involved with the case. Reports aren’t issued for donations accepted on behalf of a private foundation (e.g., ATP, Rett, RLS, Tourette) as a “Special Collection.”

Neuropathology is the study of the diseases of the nervous system. The purpose of our neuropathology screening is to confirm, correct, or expand upon the clinical diagnosis. This insures that the legal next-of-kin can be certain of the disease process (or processes) that their family member suffered from. It also insures that our researchers receive the exact kind of tissue they request.

The report, which is sent at no cost to the donor’s family, takes approximately four months to complete, though some cases may take longer.

The typical timeframe for receiving the completed report is approximately 3 months from the time that HBTRC receives the Confidential Brain Donor Questionnaire/Release of Neuropathology Report from the Legal Next-of-Kin. The Neuropathology Report is mailed to the Legal Next-of-Kin and anyone else the Legal Next-of-Kin may designate through the Release of Neuropathology Report.

Modified:  17-Jun-2016